Northeast Intelligence’s brochure describes our full range of investigative services.

Practice Areas

Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc. conducts comprehensive investigations to help our clients make informed business decisions. We gather relevant facts and intelligence from many sources in the most cost-effective manner.
NEIG’s professionals combine world-class training and investigative experience with advanced technology and industry knowledge to assist clients and their counsel during all types of investigations.

Our interdisciplinary teams evaluate and help clients address complex business issues, as well as actively assist counsel to develop and execute investigative strategies.

Our investigative teams and global network include certified public accountants, forensic accountants, attorneys, former prosecutors, and law enforcement officials, as well as computer forensic specialists.

Target Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Mitigation Planning

Recent and continuing attacks in the U.S. and abroad in the form of explosive devices and mass shootings have resulted in horrific casualties and significant damage to buildings, property, infrastructure, and business operations. NEI can help prevent or limit catastrophic situations and mitigate these risks.

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Assessment and Risk Brochure