Northeast Intelligence’s brochure describes our full range of investigative services.

Cyber Investigations and Security

Electronic communication offers both benefits and significant risks. The importance of safeguarding intellectual property and preventing the unauthorized access or use of electronic data cannot be overstated. Moreover, companies are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of personal, financial, and sensitive business information contained in their electronic communications. Not surprisingly, the utility and ubiquity of electronic devices has substantially increased the need to include computer forensics as part of most investigations.

NEIG’s cyber investigators and computer forensic specialists use state-of-the-art resources to investigate electronic security breaches and develop risk reduction strategies to avoid unauthorized access and unlawful use of electronic data. We coordinate the investigative efforts among and between our computer forensic specialists and other investigators, and thereby ensure that all relevant information, in whatever form (e.g., electronic data and paper documents), is presented to our client for their use and consideration.

Our team of cyber security experts and computer specialists can identify and recover electronic data, documents, and other evidence that often proves useful in responding to government and regulatory inquiries, as well as litigation. Depending on the client’s needs and investigative objective, NEIG’s computer forensic investigations can address or include the following:

  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Digital Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Electronic Forgery
  • Illegal Material
  • Mass & Targeted Deletion
  • Unauthorized Insider Activity
  • Phones and Handhelds
  • Spoliation of Electronic Evidence
  • Timeline Analysis
  • Malware Detection and Analysis

NEIG’s computer forensics specialists can help determine whether evidence has been erased or modified, analyze internet and e-mail usage, recover deleted data, and evaluate metadata within recovered files. In many cases, our experts can recover from hard drives information that individuals may seek to conceal or destroy.

Importantly, our cyber investigative specialists are assisted by former prosecutors and federal agents who help properly maintain the forensic integrity of evidence. In addition, the vast majority of our investigators have testified in court, before grand juries, or in civil proceedings. Our clients enjoy the significant benefits that flow from a thorough, well-planned, and properly executed investigation that culminates in well-drafted reports and effective testimony provided by experienced professionals.