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Jeffrey Horblit, Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc.
Posted on the New England Real Estate Journal Network

Whenever criminal or civil misconduct, suspicious activity, or unusual circumstances exist or take place within a building, parking lot, or elsewhere on the property, a thorough investigation is appropriate, and may be mandated by law. However, when each component of the investigation is provided through unrelated vendors, there is a corresponding risk of a lack of accountability and reduced effectiveness.

An integrated approach providing well-trained security personnel, state-of-the art security systems, and experienced investigators offers critical advantages. When the security personnel, security system vendor, and investigators are all part of the same team, the commercial property owner and manager can expect to enjoy a more effective security presence, careful monitoring of people and events throughout the property, and an immediate response by skilled and experienced investigators whenever necessary. In addition, the integrated approach avoids duplication of effort, and is more cost effective.

The following abbreviated case study demonstrates many of the advantages that flow to the tenant and property manager when an integrated approach to security and investigations is employed.

In January of 2013, a commercial tenant contacted his property manager regarding some concerns with missing items of significant value, and asked the property manager about recommendations for security systems, including access control and video monitoring. The property manager contacted the building security vendor, Northeast Security, Inc., who immediately arranged for the tenant to consult with its sister companies Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc., a provider of corporate investigations and executive protection services, and Lighthouse Integrators, Inc., a provider of advanced security technology solutions.

After speaking with the tenant, Northeast Intelligence Group’s team of former FBI agents recognized the concerns expressed by the tenant as an indication of a potentially larger problem than just the missing items and set up a comprehensive investigative plan. With the help of Lighthouse Integrators’ advanced video surveillance capabilities and the interviewing skills of Northeast Intelligence Group’s investigators, the tenant learned that an employee was stealing much more than the items in question and was using the tenant’s office, phones, computer, and professional license to engage in other serious misconduct that violated state and federal law. When approached with these facts, the employee admitted to the misconduct and the investigation came to a successful and timely resolution.

The successful outcome of this incident was the result of an integrated approach where Northeast Intelligence Group was able to quickly assemble a cohesive team of security experts that included on-site security officers, advanced security technology, and experienced investigators. The Northeast Intelligence Group lead investigator managed the team and served as the single point of contact to the tenant, allowing for efficient, cost-effective and rapid delivery of quality results. In addition, the tenant retained a high-end surveillance system and a redesigned approach to employee background checks and inventory monitoring that serve as an excellent deterrent to potential future problems of a similar nature.

Jeffrey Horblit is president and CEO of Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc., Boston, Mass.