Northeast Intelligence’s brochure describes our full range of investigative services.

Due Diligence

Financial transactions of all kinds present opportunities, challenges, and risk. Whether it’s the acquisition of a competitor, merger with another firm, sale of a business, or hiring a new senior manager, comprehensive due diligence is a must. Typically, the parties to a transaction come together with great expectations based on unverified reports of success, business relationships, management, profits, and other financial data. Our comprehensive due diligence includes redundant searches of the most comprehensive databases, careful analysis of information and public records, and utilization of investigative assets and resources to verify disclosed information and uncover potential issues.

NEIG’s Comprehensive Due Diligence is an investigative process that gathers material and relevant information and allows our clients to make well-informed decisions. Whenever there is doubt, insufficient information, or a need for more insight about a particular business or individual, NEIG conducts on-site inquiry and review.

NEIG’s cost-effective approach to due diligence takes into account the fact that the size and nature of each transaction, as well as the needs of our clients vary with each transaction. With that in mind, NEIG offers four levels of corporate due diligence and five levels of individual due diligence Each level of due diligence is based on the objective of the investigation, and can be tailored (e.g., expanded or modified) to suit any given situation.

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